Homemade Newspaper Pots

Homemade Newspaper Pots

Newspaper pots are great!  They are cheap, easy and quick to make.  Actually, as I type this, our 9-year-old is at the kitchen table making a bunch for our tomato plants that have outgrown the containers they are in. 

Newspaper pots are not an original design.  I believe it was Grandma who actually stumbled across this idea in the paper several years ago and passed it on to me. And since we have had good success making and using them the last two years, I thought I'd pass this on to you as well!

But first off, why newspaper pots?

  • CHEAP - My top reason for using newspaper pots is that they are cheap!  When you start a bunch of seeds indoors, the cost of purchasing pots at the store adds up.  If you can get a hold of a bunch of newspapers, these pots end up being practically FREE.
  • PLANTABLE - When the time comes to transplant seeds started indoors to the garden, these newspaper pots can be put directly into the soil!  There is no need to remove the paper as it will naturally decompose over time.  This makes the transplanting process not only easier for you but for the seedling as well!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - These homemade pots are a great way to be able to reuse recycled items.
  • FUN CRAFT PROJECT - Newspaper pots make great crafts for kids.  They are simple and easy and take very little materials and set up!  That is a win in my book! LOL

Now here is a Step-by-step of how we make our newspaper pots here on the farm:

  1. Collect 2 full sheets of newspaper and fold them in half.
  2. Line the top of the newspaper up with the top of a quart jar.  Wrap the newspaper around the jar and place a small piece of tape at the overlapping ends to hold the paper in place.
  3. Flip the jar upside down so the end with excess paper is sticking up.
  4. Fold the middle section of the overhanging paper down and overlap with both remaining sides.  
  5. Place another small piece of tape on the bottom to hold the folds together.
  6. Carefully remove the quart jar and you should have a beautiful, homemade pot ready for use!

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