The Story


Welcome to Rocky Ridge Farm! We are a third generation, veteran owned, pasture-based farm in Northeast Pennsylvania.

In 2020, we left MAJ Squierbehind Rob’s 12-year career as an Army officer to pursue a lifestyle that prioritizes faith, family and community. As much as we enjoyed our time in the Army, we knew that it was time to move in a direction that would allow us to focus on raising our four children in a stable environment and, as the Bible says, “take hold of life that is real.”

Our family has always prioritized health and fitness. Rob and CrossFitHannah were both collegiate athletes, avid Crossfitters and Rob spent his last four years in uniform teaching Physical Education at the United States Military Academy. This passion for healthy living led us to the sustainable agriculture movement. This movement believes that the best tasting, most nutritionally dense meat, comes from practices that work in harmony with the Creator’s design and prioritize the wellness of the animal and the environment.

Rob grew up on a dairy farm  just down the road in Elk Lake, PA. As much as he loved the lifestyle, he didn't see a future in commodity-based agriculture so instead he opted to go to West Point and pursue a career in the Army. Shortly after graduating, Rob met a beautiful young woman named Hannah on a summer missions trip to Mexico. She had just arrived in the States from the Philippines where her family served as missionaries. The rest is history as they say, and the two were married on this very farm when Rob returned from his first deployment to Iraq. 

The road back to the farm really started when Rob was in graduate school pursuing a kinesiology degree at the University of Virginia. His nutrition classes combined with a chance encounter with regenerative farm legend, Joel Salatin, opened our eyes to a new way of farming. As much as we loved the Army, we realized it was time to stabilize our growing family, prioritize our kids and start heading in a new direction. We bought Rob's grandparent's 70 acre homestead when they were ready to downsize, and we were ready for a new direction. 

Our farm logo contains the words: Family, Integrity, Stewardship. We chose these words because they encapsulate what we believe about our business. We put "family first" because we believe we have no higher responsibility than to provide our children with a loving home that teaches them to serve God and live by the values of Strength, Honor, Fidelity and Charity. Family also means that we prioritize community with our local area and our customers. Integrity is next because the bedrock of our relationships with our customers must be trust. We commit to providing a higher quality product with complete transparency so you know exactly what you are getting in each delivery. Finally, we believe in Stewardship of God's creation and his creatures. We want to leave the land better than we received it and exemplify how humanity can create harmony instead of destruction when we interact with nature correctly.


 Our doors are always open, we would love for you to stop by, meet our family, visit the animals and take home some delicious meat that you can feed your family without the guilt that comes with the products of industrial agriculture. Thanks for taking a few moments to learn about our farm and remember that what you feed your family is as important to us as what we feed to ours.