Ways to use Eggshells

Ways to use Eggshells

Ok, so to the majority of people, eggshells are trash.

But if you're creative, eggshells are a surprisingly useful resource.  I am just beginning to learn of all the ways eggshells can be used, and holy smokes, the list goes on and on!  You know the famous phrase, "Waste not, want not." 

Growing up in the Philippines, I remember being amazed at all the ways the Filipino people found to reuse items that majority of people would throw away.  Nothing was wasted!  I am working hard to keep this mindset here on the farm and especially in my kitchen! 

So, for those of you who may be interested in finding ways to use your eggshells instead of just throwing them in the trash, I've put together a short list for you below:

  1. Feed them to your chickens. If you want to boost your flock's calcium intake (if the eggs your chickens are laying have thin shells or weak spots, they are in need of more calcium), crush your eggshells and feed them back to your hens.  I typically bake my eggshells at 200 degrees for about 20-30 minutes or until they are crisp and easy to crush into little pieces.  I then sprinkle some crushed eggshells into their feed or simply on the grass near them.  Chickens love this treat!  
  2. Sprinkle eggshells around your garden to deter pests.  With garden season right around the corner, we are all looking for ways to shoo away pests that harm or damage our plants.  Try sprinkling some crushed eggshells around your garden as soft-bodied critters such as slugs and snails would rather not crawl over sharp pieces of eggshell.
  3. Give your tomatoes a calcium boost.  Have you ever had your tomato plants develop a bruised-looking spot on the blossom part of the fruit?  This is called blossom-end rot and is due to a lack of calcium.  Eggshells are mainly made up of calcium carbonate.  So, to help combat this rot problem, try placing some crushed eggshells in the bottom of your hole when transplanting tomato plants.  
  4. Add eggshells to your compost pile.  Because eggshells are high in calcium, they are an easy and effective way to make a calcium-rich compost which will do wonders in your garden.
  5. Make "eggshell water" for your house plants.  Get a jar of water and add some eggshells to it. Let this mixture sit for a couple of days and voila, you have calcium-rich water to help meet the needs of your indoor plants! 

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  • Stephen

    Had the good fortune to receive a tour on a rainy day last Fall of the Rocky Ridge Farm. Place is alive with farm animals of many kinds and dreams in the work to renovate and expand barns and portable chicken coops. Such a wonderful family enterprise in a very quiet place away from other pressures.

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