Why do we raise our laying hens on pasture?  Let me explain...

Why do we raise our laying hens on pasture? Let me explain...

1. Free Chickens = Happy Chickens! Our egg layers are not just given "outdoor access," they are outdoors constantly, free to roam around the pastures and woods. They enjoy fresh air, sunshine and lots of exercise.

2. Free Chickens = Healthier Chickens! Our egg layers are able to supplement their diet with bugs, worms and other tasty tidbits they find foraging in the grass and dirt. This not only improves the life and health of the chicken but also results in higher quality, more nutritious eggs for you and me!

3. Eggs from pastured = Rich in vitamins and minerals! Eggs from pastured hens are much richer in vitamin D than eggs raised in confinement. Pastured eggs are also higher in chlorophyll, folic acid and vitamin B12 than conventional supermarket eggs.

4. Free Chickens = Better Soil! Our laying hens typically follow the cow herd. They are moved to new pasture in their mobile coop, fully equipped with a rain barrel watering system, nesting boxes, roosts and feeders. This rotational grazing model enables the chickens to fertilize the soil with their manure as well as help to reduce pesky critters (ticks, mosquitos, etc) with their foraging. The laying hens will also scratch the cow pies and even them out in the pasture which helps to keep the grass growing evenly.

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