Woodland Pork Pig Shares

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You've never tasted pork like this, no smelly pig sty for these animals, these pigs enjoy open pastures, cool forests and a dry, clean environment. These forest raised animals spent their lives in a low stress, humane environment and are far more nutritionally dense than conventionally raised pork. 

Buying in bulk guarantees the best prices and highest convenience. Choose a whole, half, or quarter pig; each share size contains a variety of cuts to include:

  • Ham: 
  • Spare Ribs: (No ribs with 1/4 share)
  • Pork Chops: 
  • Bacon: 
  • Sausage:  (Country/Breakfast & Mild Italian, chorizo, maple flavors available) 
  • Roasts: 
  • Misc: (Country Ribs, Bratwurst, Hocks, etc. availability may vary)

Whole Pig ~ 120 lbs of vacuum sealed pork

Half Pig ~ 60 lbs of vaccum sealed pork

Quarter Pig ~30 lbs of vaccum sealed pork