Grass Fed Beef: Bulk Cow Shares (PRE-ORDER)

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Grass fed, grass finished beef. No grain or added hormones. Our beef is on pasture their whole life in a holistic regenerative system. Buy in bulk for big savings! Choose a whole, half, quarter or eighth cow; each share size contains a variety of cuts broken down according to the following ratios:
  • Ground beef ~50-60%
  • Steaks ~12-15%
  • Roasts ~18-20%
  • Misc. Cuts ~5-10% (stew meat, kabobs, minute steaks, flat iron) availability may vary

Whole Cow ~350 lbs of vacuum sealed beef

Half Cow ~ 175 lbs of vacuum sealed beef

Quarter Cow ~ 85 lbs of vacuum sealed beef

Eighth Cow ~ 42 lbs of vacuum sealed beef

**Our next round of beef shares will be available mid-August**