Pastured Poultry: Bulk Chicken Boxes (Pre-Order)

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Our bulk chicken boxes let you stock your freezer with maximum peace of mind and minimum hassle. These are a great option if you want the security of having food on hand but need a cheaper option than pork or beef shares without sacrificing quality. 

We guarantee that this is the best chicken that you have ever tasted! Raised on the pasture with unlimited access to fresh grass, bugs, worms and whatever else they could find. Our birds were moved every day to a fresh patch of grass to create a nutritionally dense, delicious bird that will blow your mind!

Choose a 100 lb, 50 lb or 25 lb box; each size contains an assortment of cuts.

These boxes will be available for pick up the beginning of June.

*Please note that due to processing regulations, we cannot ship the chicken outside of the state of Pennsylvania.