Special Operations Organ Meat Box

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At the heart of the Special Operations Forces mission is the ability to operate "with and through" indigenous forces. This means living with the locals, doing what they do, and eating what they eat. Sometimes, that means trying something new that you might not be used to in your culture. Hence, SOF operators earned themselves the nickname: "snake eaters." 

Good news: no snakes in our box, just a collection of ultra-healthy organ meat from our beef and chicken. These cuts of meat are often overlooked, but they are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy diet.


Chicken hearts are great on skewers like shish kebabs and liver can be ground and added to a ground beef mix in a ratio of about 80/20 if you want to ease these cuts into your diet. 

So let loose your inner operator and try something new!  

Contains: 1 lb Beef liver, 1 lb Chicken Livers, 1 lb chicken hearts